Zumba Fitness


a few words about Zumba

Hot rhythms, energizing music, positive energy, this is how you can define Zumba in a nutshell. It is actually a form of fitness inspired by Latin rhythms. Its creator is the Colombian Beto Perez – a dancer and choreographer.

Zumba Fitness classes have a positive effect on the condition and health of a person, as they oxygenate the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the level of stress. Zumba allows you to lose extra pounds. During zumba classes, participants perform sets of exercises combining elements of aerobic training with Latin dance.

Vigorous movements strengthen and shape the muscles of individual parts of the body. Zumba training improves mood, brings satisfaction and joy to the participants.

Exercise patterns in zumba classes are dedicated to different groups of participants: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Advantages of zumba

Benefits of Zumba

Practicing zumba is beneficial not only for physical but also mental health. If we regularly participate in ZUMBA® FITNESS classes, we will speed up the digestive process, which will result in faster burning of calories. The effects of exercise can be seen after a few weeks.

But that’s not all

In fact, these exercises have health-promoting properties. Zumba® is perfect for people who lead a stressful lifestyle and those who struggle with diseases of the vascular system. It is worth knowing that with Zumba, we gain self-confidence and meet other people at the same time. There is nothing better than a joint „party” with people that releases positive energy while burning calories (during one hour of training combined with dancing, we can burn up to 400 kcal).

Who is Zumba suitable for?

Zumba is for everyone, regardless of age, gender and physical condition.

Easy exercises make Zumba fun not only for older participants, but also for the youngest. In Zumba, no one is accountable for steps, everyone gives as much as they can give.

Simply „play and move”, this in Colombian slang means Zumba.

Zumba is a lifestyle, it gives you the opportunity to release energy and sex appeal, and it also allows you to free yourself from stress and negative emotions. Join today and feel the joy of life.

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